Nextend settings

Where can I find the Nextend settings?


In your administrator backend it will be in your Extensions -> Plugins

-> Nextend Library

-> Configure


In your admin backend it will be in the Settings -> Nextend Settings


Clear cache

If you push this button, it will delete every cache file we created. To have new cache files, go to the Global settings, and click on Refresh Slider.

Gzip compression
This option doesn't work on most website's, so we don't suggest turning it on! If you did, and it messed up your backend, you can find a documentation here, how you can turn this option off.

This option turn on the Gzip compression of our css and js files. They will be called in with .php file extension names in your website's source.

Cache time

This is how often the cache will be automatically refresh itself. To not to let it automatically refresh, you should use the word: static

The "static" keyword is the best option, because if you give a number, that can generate a lot of cache files, and fill up your server. If you have a lot of cache files, you can delete them, just click on Refresh Slider to make your sliders have cache files.

Cache path

This is where your cache files will be stored.

CSS and Javascript load mode
This option is only available in WordPress.

In WordPress the wp_head and the wp_footer functions are used from your theme to call in our files. Sometimes the order of file incalling is different in themes, so if you see a javascript error coming from only us, you could try to change this load mode, maybe that will solve the problem.

Debug language

This option turns on the language file's debugging, so it will show, which words were translated and which weren't. It could help to improve the translation.

Log possible problems

Mostly this option will only log, if you are missing the wp_head or wp_footer functions from your theme. But sometimes it also writes the error message into our backend, even if you don't have it, because not all of your pages need those functions. If you don't have that error in your theme, and it bothers you, that it always pops up, then just turn this option off.