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Before you can create a Smart Slider 2 module, you will need to create a slider in the component. Without existing slider, you won’t be able to create the module.

Create module from Smart Slider 2 component view

Usually this is the fastest way to create module from your slider. It will create a module and you will only set the title and the module position for the module and then you can publish it.


If you create the module with this option, then the only thing you will have to change is the position of the slider, and it will be there.

Load position

Create the module here, and you will be able to use the shortcode in Joomla contents, for example in articles, and the slider will load there.

Modules Anywhere

If you have Modules Anywhere extension, then you can use this shortcode too, where the extensions allows (articles, modules).

These options will give a filter to the module manager, so remove that if you want to see your other modules too.

Create module from Smart Slider 2 – Joomla way

Go to Joomla → Administration → Extensions → Module manager, and click on the New button. It will open a new window for you, where you can choose from the module types, and choose the Nextend Smart Slider 2. Here you can configure every aspect of the module. Don’t forget to click on the configure button where you can choose the slider what you would like to show.

Custom sliders for tablets and mobile phones

You can choose different sliders to tablets and mobile phones by following these steps:

Go to your Module Manager
Pick your Smart Slider 2 module
Click on Configure
Turn on Custom slider on tablets and Custom slider on mobiles
Pick the sliders

If you turn off show on tablets or show on mobiles, then the chosen slider will not show up.
This is real device detection, so your slider won’t change with the screen’s size, but only on phones and tablets.