Smart Slider 2 is not supported anymore

2017 May

2.3.17 Joomla

  • Joomla 3.7 compatibility

2016 September


  • WP Rocket lazy loading conflict fixed
  • Divi Builder fix
  • PHP 7 compatibility

2016 April


  • Fix: Instagram generator fix 
  • Fix: Smaller bugfixes

2015 December


  • Fix: Smaller bugfixes

2015 August


  • Fix: XSS Security fix


  • Fix: Safari, Chrome browser mobile detection problems
  • Fix: Bug fixes
  • Fix: Joomla VirtueMart configuration loading
  • Fix: WordPress WordPress 4.3. warnings
  • Fix: WordPress Update indicator
  • Important note: WordPress You need to update the Smart Slider manually by deleting the Nextend Smart Slider 2 Full plugin and install the latest version downloaded from our website! (Your sliders will stay. Also make sure, that you have Nextend 1.3.7, but that can be updated from the backend too.)

2014 September


  • Fix: PHP 5.1.x issue
  • Compatibility Fix: Page Builder by SiteOrigin

2014 May


  • Feature: Slider align (Left, Center, Right)
  • Feature: WordPress custom post type generator
  • Feature: Relative image support
  • Fix: Randomize
  • Fix: Export as HTML

2014 April


  • Feature: Quick slider mode simplification
  • Feature: Generator configuration moved into a sub view

2014 March


  • Feature: Lazy-loading
  • Feature: Device specific images
  • Fix: Small fixes


  • Feature: Quick image generator with extended fields
  • Feature: Generator step-by-step view
  • Feature: Layout normalization for generators
  • Feature: Slider presets for generated sliders
  • Feature: Background image resize modes: cover and contain
  • Feature: WordPress error checker added: checks for wp_head and wp_footer
  • Feature: Memory limit check for background image resize and fade in on load.
  • Feature: New universal unzip method to give import wider PHP support
  • Fix: parse_ini_file function alternative added when the function disabled
  • Fix: Custom zip algorithm for import and export
  • Fix: Item optimizations
  • Fix: Generator field name normalization. Older field names are still available for compatibility, but better to use new ones as they are supported by the generator layouts.

2014 February


  • Feature: Layer background color added
  • Feature: Slide link can open in blank page
  • Fix: 3D background animations are disabled in browsers when preserve-3d not available. Fallback is fade animation.


  • Fix: Slider cache improved with fallbacks
  • Fix: Android phones linked items open fine for tap
  • Fix: Advanced layer editor dimensions
  • Fix: WordPress post generator featured image


  • Platform Magento support
  • Feature: New slider creation modes: Quick slider, Manual slider and Dynamic slider
  • Feature: Import all slider from the demo
  • Feature: New slider dashboard view
  • Feature: New slider type: showcase
  • Feature: Advanced responsive mode
  • Feature: Export as HTML
  • Feature: New cache system
  • Feature: New arrows for image arrow widget
  • Feature: New bar widget
  • Feature: All widget is separately manageable for every device
  • Feature: Three new Global fontsize for every devices
  • Feature: Improved touch control for the comfortable slider handling (Simple type)
  • Feature: New documentation pages
  • Feature: New tutorial videos
  • Fix: Plenty of fixes
  • Important note: The layer animations changed a little bit, so check yours, if they remained the same!

2013 December


  • Feature: Autoplay and image item enabled in lite version
  • Feature: Resume autoplay on slide changed
  • Fix: WordPress 3.8 menu icon
  • Fix: Variables in widget fixed in lite versions
  • Fix: Conflict with some themes/templates where * selector defined
  • Fix: Facebook generator high res images in Post by page source
  • Fix: Accordion slider’s font
  • Fix: Publish and unpublish dates are fixed on some MySQL versions



  • Fix: Some small fixes

2013 November


  • New New sample sliders in free versions
  • Fix: YouTube improvements in OSX Firefox


  • Feature: Font manager improvements – slider specific font sets
  • Feature: Slider/Slide/Font export and import
  • Feature: New item options for onclick onmouseenter and onmouseleave JavaScript events
  • Fix: Edit interface modified on the backend
  • Fix: Vimeo improvements
  • Fix: Improvements in animation system – no more stucked layers
  • Fix: Improvements in Gallery widget
  • Fix: Some other smaller improvements in JavaScript files


  • New item Shapes
  • New widget Number bullets (text bullets modified also)
  • Feature: Randomize slides
  • Feature: Title attribute for image item
  • Feature: Fade on scroll
  • Feature: Autoplay repeat
  • Feature: Auto thumbnail generation for thumbnail widgets from the background image
  • Fix: Animation may stuck at some animations
  • Fix: Pie chart error on IE 8 and lower
  • Fix: Deprecated codes removed for WordPress 3.7.x compatibility
  • Fix: Other fixes and improvements

2013 October


  • Feature: Cache time now can be set to static
  • Fix: JRoute error fixed
  • Fix: Old jQuery on WordPress 3.4 and lower has been replaced
  • Fix: Shadow widget path bugs fixed
  • Fix: Widget javascript error fixed


  • Feature: NextGen Gallery generator integration in PRO
  • Fix: Font error with d:;
  • Fix: Image generation error fixed when margin is not defined


  • Feature: RTL support added
  • Feature: Now you can add link to certain slides
  • Fix: Occasional font errors of the Accordion slider type fixed
  • Fix: Flashing on load bug solved with fade on load slider property


  • Removed the deprecated attribute_escape attribute
  • Fix: Occasional stylesheet display problem fixed


  • Fix: Auto-update function has been improved
  • Fix: Minor bugs related to fonts have been fixed


  • New Readme file (n)extended


  • Fix: Live slide editor had minor bugs on some systems


  • Feature: Slider can show up with fade after the page loads – prevent glitches


  • Fix: Shortcode did not show sliders in case there is no slides


  • Fix: In WordPress 3.5.x and lower there were layer dragging issues. Fixed in this release.


  • Fix: Some template conflicts


  • Feature: New generator: MijoShop
  • Feature: New Item: Vimeo

2.1.0 – First public release

  • Feature: New slider type: Full page
  • Fix: Some fixes

BETA testing of Smart Slider 2

I would like to thank you the work of everyone who were part of the beta testing. You gave us very useful ideas which made the Smart Slider 2 better. Thank you girls and guys! We hope you will give us great advices in the future too.

2013 September


  • Feature: HTML slider widget added
  • Feature: Thumbnail gallery slider widget added


  • Feature: Title margin options in Accordion type sliders.


  • Feature: Ignite gallery generator


  • Feature: Twitter generator
  • Feature: Phoca gallery generator
  • Feature: Vertical accordion slider type
  • Fix: Thumbnail animations are smoother now
  • Fix: Some small changes in font manager for easier access


  • Feature: Simple slider type responsive slide maximum width: When the available slider space is higher than this value, the slide width won’t be bigger than this size, it will stuck on this width value and keeps the original ratio with the slide height. It means that after this size the slide contant won’t scale up (slide background and slider width (height is not) will scale up).
    Here is a video for demonstration:


  • Feature: Save and other main action buttons(eg.: Cancel) are moving with the screen as suggested
  • Feature: Advanced layer editing mode in slide editor
  • Feature: Slider margin removed in backend live editor to make the slider more visible on small screens (margins are showing on frontend as expected)


  • Feature: Background animations added to Simple slider type (cool 2D and 3D effects)
  • Feature: Background image and color on slides are live updating in the slide editor

2013 August


  • Fix: Problem with ‘ character in input fields


  • Feature: ACL for the backend. Smart Slider 2 -> Settings -> Joomla tab -> Component options – Only Joomla 2.5 and newer


  • Feature: Added cancel button to the slide editor.
  • Feature: Publish up and down dates for slides.


  • Feature: Added cancel button to the slide editor.
  • Feature: Publish up and down dates for slides.


  • Feature: Added option to YouTube item to select the video quality


  • Fix: Fixed embedded YouTube videos on dashboard
  • Fix: Fixed MobileDetect conflict


  • New: First beta release
  • Fix: Google Chrome select font fix