Button item

Button type item is an element, which has a label and also a link. When the visitor click on this label, the link will open in the same window or in a new window. Also you can style this button to be more visible. We built-in almost 20 different button style, but also with the CSS field, you can easily customize this kind of item.


Button style

Button style parameter contains our predefined style. Currently the following styles are available:

  • Red simple
  • Purple simple
  • Green simple
  • Blue simple
  • White opacity
  • Black opacity
  • Purple transition
  • Green transition
  • Blue transition
  • Purple transition rounded
  • Green transition rounded
  • Blue transition rounded
  • Green gradient
  • Blue gradient
  • Orange gradient
  • Cyan opacity
  • Cyan opacity inverse
  • Violet opacity
  • Violet opacity inverse
  • Poison opacity
  • Poison opacity inverse

Examples with hover

Simple Green


Purple Rounded Transition


Blue Gradient


Examples from our demo site

Wonderful World demo


Webshop demo


Business demo



If you are customizing the CSS and the CSS HOVER field, we suggest you to change this class name something unique. If this class name is not unique, then the styles with the same class name could conflict!


This is the style, how the button will show in normal state. Feel free to change it with any kind of proper CSS properties.

CSS hover

It defines the style for the button when the mouse is over the button.


Here you can change the font style of the button label. You can read more about the font list editing on the font settings page.