Caption item

Caption is an image and if you hover on it, then it will show an extra title and description.



You should define your caption’s image dimension in pixels.

Caption style

Captions style parameter contains our predefined styles. Currently the following styles are available:

  • Simple title bottom
  • Simple title left
  • Full over left
  • Full over right
  • Full over top
  • Full over bottom
  • Slide right
  • Slide left
  • Slide top
  • Slide bottom
  • Scale left
  • Scale right
  • Scale top
  • Scale bottom
  • Scale and slide
  • Fade

Title and description font

Here you can change the font style of the title and the description. You can read more about the font list editing on the font settings page.


If you are customizing the background field, we suggest you to change this class name something unique. If this class name is not unique, then the styles with the same class name could conflict!


Simple title bottom


Slide left with blue background


Scale right with green background


Examples from our demo

Mini Slider Demo


Wonderful World Demo