YouTube item

This item allows you to insert a YouTube video into the slider. This item is the best way to insert YouTube video into the slider as this item has some extra features for example to pause the autoplay when the video is playing.

Youtube url

Past here the url of the Youtube video, the Smart Slider will figure out the rest from the url.

Default image

The backend slide editor won’t show you the video, but this image will appear on the place of the video. So it is just backend purpose only.


If enabled the video will start to play instantly when the slide shows.


It is the skin of the YouTube player. Dark and light are available as it depends on YouTube service.

Show related videos

If enabled, the player will show related videos when the video played.

Video quality

You can set the video resolution with this option: 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, High res, Default

Reset video when loose focus

Even if the video wasn't finished when the slide was changed, it will played from the beginning when it becomes visible again.