Vimeo item

This item allows you to insert a Vimeo video into the slider. This item is the best way to insert Vimeo video into the slider as this item has some extra features for example to pause the autoplay when the video is playing.


Vimeo url

Past here the url of the Vimeo video, the Smart Slider will figure out the rest from the url.


If enabled the video will start to play instantly when the slide shows.

Reset video when lose focus

If there are some focusing problems, then this option will reset the video to play it properly.


Show the title on the video.

User’s byline

Show the user’s byline on the video.


Show the user’s portrait on the video.


Play the video again when it reaches the end.


Specify the color of the video controls. Defaults to 00adef. Make sure that you don’t include the #.