Generator functionality

Generators are used to create automatic slides from different sources. These sources can be for example images from a selected folder or social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc… or different software components like Joomla articles, Virtuemart products, images from different components etc…

To use generators, first you will need to create a Dynamic Slider, a Quick Slider or a Manual Slider without slides, and click on the Generator button.

If you go to the Generator, you will see it’s menu items:

Change source

You can modify the source, and keep or change your layout with this option.


You can see here the same settings with some advanced options, what you have seen during the creation of a Dynamic or Quick slider.

Cache expiration

The slider will be regenerated this often. The cache is cleared with every saving, so you can still modify the slider, and see the result before this period ends. This option is for the Dynamic sliders, so the new contents would be in the slider every day.


Here you can define how much slides you need. Also there are two other parameters – Create slides – Static slides.

Create slides – off: You won’t see on the backend that the generated slides exist. The generation will show them automatically on the frontend. If the slider has any other slides(which you see on the backend slide list), those slides won’t show anywhere.

Create slides – on and Static slides – off: The slider will create new slides on save, which are showing on the backend slider list. You will be able to customize the slides one-by-one with the normal slide editor, but when you save the generator again, this kind of slides will be deleted from the slider. Normal slides won’t get deleted. For this kind of slides, you can use different variables on each slide too.

Create slides – on and Static slides – on: The slider will create new slides on save, which are shown on the backend slider list. When you edit these slides, you will notice that the variables are not showing anymore. Every variable on the slides is replaced by the real data, so it converts the generator into static slides. The slides won’t be automatically recreated, when the cache time expires, only the currently created slides will be shown by the slider.

Group result

If you would like to show more records on one slide, then you should use this option. For example if you set it to 2, then on the first slide you will be able to show the 1st and 2nd records, on the second slide the 3rd and 4th records, etc.. If you set it to 3, on the first slide you can show the 1st, 2nd and 3rd records’ variables, on the second slide the 4th, 5th, 6th records’ variables.

Edit Layout

Here you can customize your layout by using the given variables. This will change the layout of all slides, and you will see the first one in the editor. Variable names are not always clear, but when you hover your mouse, Smart Slider 2 will show a description for every variable name, also you could check the Record Viewer to find the ones you need. You can customize these variables more with our Advanced generator functions, for example to make the description shorter, show an image from the description, not that image, what we made that variable for, or remove the html code from your texts, so our backend font styling would apply to them.

Change layout

You can choose one of the predefined layouts for the texts and images, and presets for the widgets (arrows, bullets, etc.).

Record Viewer

In the Record Viewer you can see which variable will contain what text in the different slides. It can help you figure out which variable you are looking for more easily.

Properties – generated and not-generated slides

If you create a slider with Generator, and choose to create real slides, then if you click on Create slide, that slide will be in your slider too, but not as a part of the generator. So if you modify the generator, for example the layout, then all the generator made slides will have the new layout, but the individual slide will stay as it was. Also it will go to the first place in the slide list.