K2 items generator

With K2 items generator, you will be able to create dynamic sliders from K2 items.

Generate slides

If you haven’t used the generator of Smart Slider 2, please check the common generator documentation before you continue. Those informations are important to understand the following section. You could also try to create your generator with Dynamic slider and you will have a basic generator with much less effort.


K2 items

You can choose one or more categories and Smart Slider will display the items from those categories in a slider.



  • Source category: You can select one or more categories to filter your items
  • User id: You can filter the items by the creator’s user id
  • Published: If switched off, Smart Slider will show the unpublished items
  • Featured: If switched on, only the featured items will be included in the slider
  • Language filter: You can filter your items by language tag. Default is * which stands for every language
Order by options – ascending and descending


  • Title
  • Category title
  • User name
  • Featured
  • Ordering
  • Hits
  • Creation time
  • Modification time


  • {|id-x|} – ID of the item
  • {|title-x|} – Title of the item
  • {|url-x|} – Link to the item
  • {|alias-x|} – Alias of the item
  • {|introtext-x|} – Introtext of the item
  • {|fulltext-x|} – Fulltext of the item
  • {|catid-x|} – Category id
  • {|cat_title-x|} – Category title
  • {|categoryurl-x|} – Category link in list layout
  • {|created_by-x|} – Creator’s user id
  • {|created_by_alias-x|} – Creator’s alias
  • {|image-x|} – Image
  • {|image_caption-x|} – Image caption
  • {|image_credits-x|} – Image credits
  • {|hits-x|} – Hits of the item