Dynamic slider

Generators are used to create automatic slides from different sources. These sources can be for example images from a selected folder or social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc… or different software components like Joomla articles, Virtuemart products, images from different components etc…

The fastest way is to create a generator is to choose Dynamic Slider at your backend.


In this page you will see what kind of sources are there, and which ones can you use.

Choose dynamic source

In your website these sources are available, and ready to go.

Not configured

These sources will be available, if you configure them. For this click on the Configure button.

You can reach these options from the Settings too, if you choose the source you want to configure.

Not available

These sources are using extensions, which aren’t installed in your website. If you click on Check Extension, then it will open up a page with the link of the extension.


Pick your source, then you will see the settings for that generator, which you will be able to modify later.

Choose layout

After clicking on Generate you will be able to pick one of the predefined layouts for the texts and images, and presets for the widgets (arrows, bullets, etc.).
When you will be done, then you will be able to change this with the Change layout button in the Generator‘s menu
You might need to add some new fonts to make it look like, as it is intended.

Modifying the generator

The Dynamic Slider is a generator, so if you click on the Generator button, the configuration will be there:
Check out these settings at the common generator documentation.