ZOO generator

ZOO generator allows you to generate slides from any ZOO apps and types. As you see on the generator selection page, you can choose the source app and also the source type. Custom apps and types are also supported.


Generate slides

If you haven’t used the generator of Smart Slider 2, please check the common generator documentation before you continue. Those information are important to understand the following section. You could also try to create your generator with Dynamic slider and you will have a basic generator with much less effort.


ZOO items – for any app and any type



  • Source category: You can select one or more category to filter your items
Order by options – ascending and descending
  • Name
  • Hits
  • Creation time
  • Modification time


  • {|name-x|} – ID of the item
  • {|url-x|} – Link to the item
  • {|hits-x|} – Hits of the item

Also every other ZOO type related fields are available too as variables. As it is dynamic(you can add fields to the types and also you can create new types too), we can’t list your exact variables, but here is an example variable table: