Instagram generator – My photos - example

Step 1

Go to instagram to create a client.

Step 2

Go to your Smart Slider’s Settings -> Instagram generator, and copy the Callback url from it.

Step 3

Give a name, description to your client, write your websites url in it, and paste the Callback url you just copied into the OAuth redirect_uri, write the captcha, if there is, and click on Register

Step 4

Now you will see the client you just made. Copy the CLIENT ID and the CLIENT SECRET and paste them into the Smart Slider’s Settings -> Instagram generator.

Step 5

Click on Request token.

Step 6

There will be a popup window, which you should Authorize, and you will get your token. After this Save on the Settings.

Step 7

Click on START at the Dynamic Slider.

Step 8

Choose Instagram: My photos

Step 9

Configure the slider, later this option will be in the Generator menu at the Settings.

  • Slider name: the name of the slider
  • Slider size: the size of the slider, the canvas size only matters, if you want to change your slider type to accordion
  • Slides: the number of slides
  • Create real slides: you will see the slides in the backend

Step 10

Give the username of the photos owners, and click on Generate.

Step 11

Choose a preset and a layout, then click on Save.

Step 12

If you want to change the settings, or see the advanced options, then go to the Generator -> Settings.

Step 13

You will see this with your settings:
Differences from the first creating settings:

  • Cache expiration: the slider will refresh the cache in every day if you leave it on 24 hours, and the new photos will appear, when this cache is refreshed
  • Create slides: you will see the slides in the backend with the variables
  • Static slides: if the create slides is turned on too, then it’s the same as the create real slides was, the slides will appear in the backend with the contents, not with variables
  • Group result: you can get more variables if you put here a bigger number, and you can put more photos into one slide, not just 1

Step 14

If you want to make your own layout, then you can go to the Generator -> Edit Layout.

Step 15

Use the variables, and save on the layout. You will be able to see the first slide, that will be generated, when you insert your variable somewhere.

Step 16

If you go to Edit slider, then you can add the settings you want to use in your slider, turn on some widgets, and your slider will be ready.
If you want to see your new Instagram images before the cache expires, click on Refresh cache.