Joomla content generator - example

Step 1

Click on START at the Dynamic Slider.

Step 2

Choose Joomla content: Contents by category.

Step 3

Configure the dynamic slider (to keep it dynamic, turn the create real slides off).

Step 4

Choose the source categories from where you want to show your articles, also you have some rarely used options.

Step 5

Select the ordering you want for your slides, the Creation time – Descending will show the latest articles first. The second ordering in this case doesn’t matter, it would only matter, if the first ordering would return two articles with the same order value, and you want to order them too.

Step 6

Choose a predefined preset and layout.

Step 7

After you are done, you will be able to reach these, and the other advanced configuration options in the Generator menupoint. Go there, then to the Record Viewer. You will see, which variable contains what text from your article, and if you will use those variables in your slider, then it would be the same, as if you would just put that text into your slide. This way you would know for example which image variable you need. (The urls will only change to SEF links in the frontend).

Step 8

Now, that you have an idea, which variables you will need, go to the Generator -> Edit Layout, and use those variables. They will change immidiately in your slide to the first slide’s contents, to help you visualize your slides, and to see, that you are using the variables correctly.


Step 9

Go to the Generator -> Settings. You can see, that it is a little different from the creating. The Cache time is how often the slider should refresh it’s cache. You shouldn’t leave it on 0, because every time the slider is refreshing it’s cache, it needs to run every code to get out the articles, and that could slow down the website a little bit, but if it’s on 24 hours, then it will only happen once a day. The Group result is telling, how many articles do you want to show in one slide at once. Change it to 2, to see the difference.

Step 10

After you saved on it, you will be redirected to the Edit Layout, and in the top you will see, that now you have twice as many variables, as before. The first one will be the 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc. articles as the slides will come
The second variables will be the 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc. articles.

Step 11

The image variables are getting out the images from the article’s Images and links tab, but many people aren’t using them, and the image you want to show is the one from the Content text. In this case you will have to use the Advanced generator functions, and the findimage function with the description variable: {nextend||findimage({|description-1|})}

Step 12

The text of the articles are preformatted, which means, that our slider doesn’t have control over them, the color and the size won’t be coming from the slider’s settings. To change that, use the removehtml Advanced generator function: {nextend||removehtml({|description-1|})}
Also it can be a little long, and you can use more functions together, so use the splitbywords too, maybe put some dots after the variable, just to mark, that it’s not the end of the article: {nextend||removehtml||splitbywords,0,300({|description-1|})}...