JoomShopping generator - example

Step 1

Click on START at the Dynamic Slider.

Step 2

Choose JoomShopping: Products.

Step 3

Configure the slider.
Choose the Source category from where you want to show the products, and choose the Order, which will decide the products’ appearance in the slider.

Step 4

You can change the settings of the generator, later this option will be in the Generator -> Settings.

  • Cache expiration: the slider will refresh the cache in every day if you leave it on 24 hours, and the new products will appear, when this cache is refreshed
  • Slides: the number of slides
  • Create slides: you will see the slides in the backend with the variables
  • Static slides: if the create slides is turned on too, then the slides will appear in the backend with the contents, not the variables
  • Group result: you can get more variables if you put here a bigger number, and you can put more products into one slide, not just 1 (if you change this, then save on the slider, and you will be able to see the other variables too)

Step 5

Choose a predefined preset and layout.
You will be able to create your own, when you are done, just click on Generator -> Edit Layout, and use the variables. I will put the {|name-1|} into a heading item, the Category: {|category_name-1|} into a paragraph, {|price-1|} into a tag item, {|image-1|} into the image item’s url, and to the link {|url-1|} so if someone would click on it, then it would redirect him to the product’s page.

Step 6

Save on it, then go to Edit Slider.

Step 7

Turn the Autoplay on
or choose some Arrows or other widgets, which can slide the slider.
And your generator is done, you can take a look at it.
If you have put some new products in your JoomShopping, and you don’t want to wait, until the Cache expiration ends, then click on Refresh Cache.