Post generator - example

Step 1

Click on START at the Dynamic Slider.

Step 2

Choose Posts: By filter.

Step 3

Configure the slider (to keep it dynamic, turn the create real slides off).

Choose the Categories from where you want to show the posts, and if you want to show the new posts as first, then you can leave the Order on Post date – Descending.

Step 4

You can change the settings of the generator, later this option will be in the Generator -> Settings.

  • Cache expiration: the slider will refresh the cache in every day if you leave it on 24 hours, and the new posts will appear, when this cache is refreshed
  • Slides: the number of slides
  • Create slides: you will see the slides in the backend with the variables
  • Static slides: if the create slides is turned on too, then the slides will appear in the backend with the contents, not the variables (the slider won’t be dynamic, only the slides it creates will be in the slider until you save on the layout again)
  • Group result: you can get more variables if you put here a bigger number, and you can put more posts into one slide, not just 1 (if you change this, then save on the slider, and you will be able to see the other variables too)

Step 5

Choose a predefined preset and layout.
You will be able to create your own, when you are done, just click on Generator -> Edit Layout, and use the variables. I will put the {|featured_image-1|} into the background image’s url, the {|url-1|} to the slide’s link, so the whole slide would link to the post, then I will put the {|title-1|} into a heading item, and the {|content-1|} into a paragraph item.

Step 6

Save on it, then go to Edit Slider.

Step 7

Turn the Autoplay on
or choose some Arrows or any other widgets, which allows you to slide to the other slides.
And your generator is done, you can take a look at it.
If you have some new Posts, and you don’t want to wait, until the Cache expiration ends, then click on Refresh Cache.