Global widget settings

Widgets are those parts of the slider, which aren’t moving with the slides, they are always over the slider. These are not related to the slider types, you can use every widget with every slider type. They help you customize your slider more, for example to have arrows, bullets or thumbnails on your slider.


Global widget settings

Every widget type comes with two common parameter, first parameter is the Display, here you can enable or disable the actual widget on different slider sizes and choose if the widget is always displayed or it just comes up when mouse is over the slider.

The other parameter is the position of the widget. This will position no the slider the given distance from the left/right and top/bottom. You can either use a number, to position them with pixels, or percentage, but for the perfect reponsivity you should use our widget variables in some places.

Also we added a lot of customizable styles for every widget group. Most of them contains multiple subgroups (like arrows contains transition, image and text subgroups, indicators stripe and pie subgroups) and there are multiple styles available (for example transition arrow contains 12 different styles). We tried to make the selection as easy as possible, but there is a limitation with this, if you change for example a color, you will only see the result on your slider.