Thumbnail widget

Thumbnail widgets are showing multiple slide thumbnails/title/description in a styled list. It allows your visitor to change slide by clicking on these thumbnails or preview the slides.

Thumbnail widgets – Gallery


This widget showing the thumbnail image on a background. Images can be aligned left, center or right. You can these galleries to each side of the slider, but also you can use it on the middle of the slider. If you use it well, you will get a very usable gallery. Demo

Thumbnail widgets – Vertical thumbnails

You can use this horizontal thumbnails on the top or the bottom of the slider. It shows only the thumbnails, but it contains a pager. Demo

Thumbnail widgets – Horizontal thumbnails


This vertical thumbnails widget fits to the left or right side of the slider. It can display optionally the thumbnail image and it also displays the title and the description. It is a great navigation for sliders as it contains the title of the slides too. Demo