Global settings - General

General settings


Frontend debug messages

If Smart Slider perceives an error, it can display debug messages to help you find the problem. In a live site, disable this options as normal visitors should not see debug messages.

Slide editor leave page alert

When you are in the slide editor and try to navigate to a different page, Smart Slider will ask you if you really want to leave the slide. If it bothers you, you can disable it here.

Translate url

Smart Slider 2 uses absolute urls to display images and links. When you are working on a testing environment(for example localhost or different domain), then your urls will pointing to wrong place if you make you site live. With this parameter you can translate the testing urls into live urls. You just need to write your original root url into the first field and the new root url into the to field.

Load jQuery on frontend

If your template already loading jQuery which is version 1.8 or newer, then you can set this option to off and Smart Slider won’t load jQuery.

Hardware acceleration on sliders

It is enabled by default as it results smoother result on the latest browsers. IF you feel any glitch in your slider, please try to disable this option.

Responsive Mode

Based on
  • Real device detection: it will only change the slider, if the user is watching it on tablet or mobile phone.
  • Maximum screen width: you can add two fix widths, where you want your slider to change on a smaller screen.
  • Combined: The two options together.

Maximum screen width
If the Maximum screen width or Combined option is turned on, then it will use these widths.
Slide editor ratios
The Slide editor ratios doesn’t show the exact width of the tablet and the mobile view, because they doesn’t have fix widths, they just change at a fix width. The ratios are just to help you visualize a smaller width slider at your Slide editor.

Device specific images
You can set up different images for different devices, so you wouldn’t have to load for example your full-hd image on mobile phones. You can read more about this option in here.

For more information about responsivity check out this documentation.


Designer mode
If it’s turned on, then in your GeneratorEdit Layout you will see the first slide in the Slide editor replacing the variables.

Tidy settings

Only used with generators, when advanced functions used. If you feel that the encoding of your texts are wrong, try to adjust it to fit to your site.