Global settings - Font settings

Global font

Global font is the most important group of fonts, because with this you will be able to set all font for all of the default Manual sliders. Basically if you change a font in the Global font, then all of the sliders will inherit this, except if you modify a font at your slider’s name under this. You have to watch this, because the Dynamic Slider, Quick Slider and the imported sliders have modified fonts, and only their fonts will affect them, not the Global fonts.

Slider fonts

If you would like to create a slider specific font, then you can create in the Slider fonts. After you modified a font setting in a slider font, then it will be a unique font kit. It means, that this group won’t inherit the settings of the Global font. There is an option to reset these specific Slider fonts to the Global fonts with the Reset to global fonts option. But of course you are going to loose your specific Slider fonts with this method. Reset font option:

Important note: if you are going to import a whole slider, then with the importation process you are going to import the fonts of the slider. You can easily check if your slider has custom fonts, because you can see green check mark in the popup menu:

Font Export/Import

The Font Importation works only on the current page. It means, you can easily export and import font settings on the current page, but not between two pages. If you click on the export button, then the import button will show up, and you can import it with this button.

  • Step 1: Select a font, and click on the export button:


  • Step 2: Select the destination font, and click on the import button:


Font size

In the Font Manager you can give the font size in either pixels, or percentage. If you give it in pixels, then the fonts won’t get smaller with the slider, and if their layer is too small, parts of it could be hidden by the layer on smaller views.

If you use percentage, it’s not the only font size setting, that the slider is watching, while calculating the font size, but there is also one in the Edit SliderGlobal Fonts. There you can see three different font sizes for three screen sizes or devices. You can read more about them, and the responsiveness in here. The font size calculation will use these values * the percentages * layer’s width in percentage based on it’s original size.