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This option only exists when you are on Joomla platform.



You can put your license key here to make the update indicator work. You can read more about this option in here.

Image URL

You can choose how to save the urls of the images in your sliders. If you choose Absolute, then the whole link will be saved, for example, but if you choose Relative, then the link will be only the path after your websites address, so in this example /images/thisimage.png. Relative urls are given to the end of the current website’s root link, so if you are developing on localhost, then you should use relative urls, so in the new place of the website the link to your images would still work, or use the Translate url option. On some servers the absolute path is necessary.

This option won’t change the previously saved sliders’ urls, only for the newly created ones.

Component options

It contains Smart Slider 2 access control list option. Here you can specify which user group can access which part of the Smart Slider 2.


Load module position

When enabled, Smart Slider 2 can load other modules into slides via {loadposition position} Read more


You can refresh the cache of all your sliders with the Refresh slider button. If you updated from a few versions earlier, and can’t see your sliders, then you should use this option. With the Refresh generator you can refresh the generated slides in your Generator sliders.