Quick Slider tutorial

Create a Quick Slider

The fastest and easiest slider to create is Quick Slider.

Step 1

Click on Start and begin the creation of your slider.

Step 2

Configure your slider with these settings: 

Quick slider configuration
  • Slider name – The name of the slider
  • Slider size – The size of the slider (It will be responsive)

The Canvas size here doesn’t matter. It will only matter if you will want to modify your slider type to one of the accordions.

Animation Settings
  • Animation – Sliding animations for the texts and other items, if you choose to show them. This animation will be applied to the images too, if the Background animation is turned off.
  • Properties – The duration, delay and easing of the sliding. If the parallax is lower then 1, then the next slide will start before the other is finished, and the sliding is very interesting this way.
  • Background animation – If you turn this on, then the images will have the here selected animations.

Step 3

Now pick the images you want to have on your slider. You can give a Title, Link and Description to them, and you can modify the order with drag and dropping them.

Step 4

Choose slider preset and layout. The slider preset has predefined widgets on the slider, like arrows, bullets, etc...

The layout is how the image and texts will show up on the slider.

Click on save, and it’s done.

Modifying the quick slider

The Quick Slider is a generator, so if you click on the Generator button, the configuration will be there:

If you would like to give more images to the slider, or delete some of them, just click on the Settings. For further information check out these options at the common generator documentation.

Widgets & Other Options

If you want to modify your widget or change something in the settings, then you can reach those options by clicking on the Edit Slider button.

Then you will see the same settings, as in the Manual Slider. You can read more about these settings in here. For the widget configuration check out them here.