Slider is working, but doesn’t look like, as it should / It doesn’t show up on every browser or device

Autop function

Common errors:

– The slider doesn’t look like in the preview.

– The slider’s code can be seen on the slider.

– On window resizing the slider gets as small, as it would have a 1px*1px size.

– Known problem in: ThemeFuse themes, Skat design themes, Codestag themes, Karma theme.


There are themes, which are using autop functions in their content, which means, that they add <p> and maybe <br> tags everywhere in the code. You can check this out by looking at the code of your slider, by right clicking on the slider, and Inspect element with Firebug. If there are empty <p></p> tags in the slider’s code, then it must be the case. You could try out to put the slider’s shortcode between [raw][/raw] tags like this:

[raw]Here comes the Smart Slider shortcode[/raw]

because in some themes this works. If it wouldn’t, in most cases you can remove this from your theme by adding this code into the first line of your header.php file:

<ol><li><?php remove_filter('the_content''wpautop');?></li></ol>

But if you would like to keep it, and the [raw][/raw] doesn’t work, then you should contact your theme developers, and ask them, how can you put a shortcode into a page or post without autop formatting.

Code tags

Common errors:

– Slider doesn’t show up in Chrome.

– Slider doesn’t show up in Safari.

– Slider doesn’t show up in phones.

Another issue could be, that we put the slider’s shortcode in our backend between code tags and for some reason, when you Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V the shortcode, that part is copied too, so you should go to your shortcode:


switch your editor to see the html codes too:


and remove the code tags around the slider’s shortcode.

Chrome, Safari problems

The most common problem in these browsers are caused by what you see in the previous part. But if the html code of the slider looks fine, you don’t see a Console error, then it’s either some css code in your theme, or there are plugins, which can cause problems too, like WP Content Copy Protection (1.1.4) is making our slider not to load. If you have website code modifying plugins, you should try to disable them. If you can’t find one like that, just disable your other plugins.