Messed up backend - WordPress

– Backend looks messed up after the Smart Slider’s installation.

– Backend looks messed up after creating/importing a slider.

If you see your backend like this:


And a different Cache path doesn’t help, then you should check out this documentation, or you can try to turn on the error messages in your wp-config.php file. You just have to write some code after the <?php in the top. This is the code you should use:


After this if you go back to your backend, then you might see some error message. If you don’t, then check out the source code of your page, and this message might be in the end of it. If you still doesn’t see anything, then write this code in the beginning of these files instead (try them out in this order):




If this is only happening at your slider, then there is one common thing, that you could check, is that in some servers the functions, that are used for the background image resizing are not available, so you could try to go to the Edit Slider and Disable the Resize slide backgrounds option.