Layer Animations

You can animate your layers too at your Slide Editor if you click on your layer the animations will be on the left under the Layer tab. In generators you can go there with the Edit Layout button.

Animation In

These animations will happen, when you go to the slide. If you want them to load on the first slide too, when you open your website, then you can turn on the Play animation on first load option at your Slider Settings.

Animation Out

You can choose if you want these animations to happen when you leave the slide, or after a given time, when you are still on the slide. If you want them to happen when you leave the slide, then you should leave the Play out after option off

and in the Slider Settings turn the Play out animations on, so the animations will happen, when the slider is sliding to the next slide.

If you want your out animation to be played after a given time, and not when the slider slides, then turn on the Play out after option at your layer, and give a delay to it, unless you want the outgoing animation to happen right after the incoming animation.