Cache problems – Images are disappearing after a while

Common errors:

– The sliders are disappearing after a while, then pushing the Refresh Cache button brings them back.

– The images in the sliders are disappearing after a while, then pushing the Refresh Cache button brings them back.

– The sliders are disappearing after a while, until the Joomla’s cache isn’t cleared.

Note: You can follow the instructions in here, even if you are not sure if this is your problem, because it won’t cause any trouble. It might even prevent future conflicts.

If your sliders won’t load after a while leaving a blank space, or the slides will load under each other, then our javascript and css code didn’t load. This could happen for two reasons, one is if there is some permission issue, and the slider doesn’t have enough permission to automatically create those files, or there is some cache in the website, and our slider wants to load the new cache, while the website’s cache still wants to load the old one. The solution for both problems is to go to the ExtensionsPlugin ManagerNextend Library, and change the cache time to static, as you see in here:


Then go to the Smart Slider’s SettingsCache, and click on Refresh Slider. After this go to your SystemClear Cache, and delete all the cache files, so your website would have the new datas for the slider.

You might also need to change the loading order of the system files, if there is some other extension’s plugin modifying the loading. You should go to the ExtensionsPlugin manager, and pick system at the – Select Type – filter.


Click on the ordering.


Reorder them, in Joomla 3.x by clicking on the little squares before the checkboxes, and drag ‘n drop them, that the Nextend Library would be on first place, and in Joomla 2.5.x change it’s ordering number to 0, and if you have other zeros, change all other orderings to +1 from the original.


If you would still have problems with your cache, check out this part of the documentation.

Firebug errors during this problem: