Cache folder grows too big


– Our cache folder has a lot of files.

This error is fixed in Smart Slider 3. You can get it like this.

For Smart Slider 2 what you could do is to go to the ExtensionsPlugin Manager → look for Nextend Library, and click on clear cache, so that cache files would be deleted. Also change the cache time to static, as you see in here, if you wouldn’t have the latest version. After this go to the Smart Slider’s SettingsCache, and click on Refresh Slider.

This static cache time in the Nextend Library means, that the slider won’t recache automatically, but it will only happen, when you save on the backend on something, or refresh the cache, so you could keep this under control, if every time you are done working on the sliders, clear the cache in the nextend library, refresh the cache at the settings, and then only those files would be created, which are needed for the sliders, and the backend.