Joomla - Too many jQuerys are loading

Common errors:

– Empty space, where the slider should be.

– Slider doesn't switch slides.

– Slider doesn't switch slides after the second slide.

Firebug error: "tooltip is not a function."

Note: You can follow the instructions in here, even if you are not sure if this is your problem, because it won't cause any trouble. It might even prevent future conflicts.

Press F12 and refresh your page, then click on the script tab.


Open up the list of the scripts, and look for jquery.js, jquery-min.js or with the version number in them.


If there are more jQuerys there, then you should install the jQuery Easy plugin, it is free, you just have to register. It is getting out all jQuery loading from the website, and loads only that one, which you pick. You can set it up in your ExtensionsPlugin ManagerSystem – jQuery EasyBasic Site Options. You can specify a jQuery version, or pick Joomla! framework, to load the one, which is in your website. For Smart Slider you have to use jQuery 1.8+


Smart Slider doesn't need jQuery UI, but some extensions do, so you should pick one there too.