Messed up backend - Joomla

Common errors:

– Backend looks messed up after the Smart Slider’s installation.

– Backend looks messed up after moving the website.

– Error message: Couldn’t create the required cache dir: …/media/nextend/cache/… Please make sure that the folder writeable by PHP!

If you see your backend like this:


Or some image or file seem to be missing, then this problem usually happens, because the files weren’t created with the right permission. You can fix that by going to the System -> Global Configuration -> Server -> enable the FTP and give the connection details. After that install the Smart Slider again, and like this the permission of the files will be different.

If that won’t help, make sure, that the media/nextend/cache folder is writeable by php, change the permissions of it, and everything in it to 755,775 or 777 in this order, and based on the server settings one of them will work. You can do this for example with Filezilla, just connect to your ftp with it, go to the media/nextend/ folder, right click on the cache folder and click on File permissions…


change the Numeric value to 777, and check the Recurse into subdirectories too.


If only the 777 permission works, but you don’t want to use that, check out this documentation.

If this won’t help either, and it’s only happening at your slider, then turn on the error reporting, like here, and check it’s page. There is one common thing, that you could check, is that in some servers the functions, that are used for the background image resizing are not available, so you could try to go to the Edit Slider and Disable the Resize slide backgrounds option.