Slider in article doesn’t show up in Chrome, phones and tablets

Common errors:

– Slider doesn’t show up in Chrome.

– Slider doesn’t show up in phones.

– Slider doesn’t show up in tablets.

We put the slider’s loadposition and modulepos code in our backend between code tags and for some reason, when you Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V them, that is copied too, so you should go to your article, switch the editor to see the html code too, and remove the code tags:


Also this problem could happen if JotCache is putting <jot…. > tags around the module positions, so if you are using it, you could try to turn it off in the Extensions nyil Plugin Manager nyil JotCache and JotMarker, and if that helps, and you don’t really need a cache with many options, which is JotCache’s advantage, just a simple caching, you could think about using the default Joomla cache instead. This part of the documentation could help you decide.