Website code stops before the end

Common errors:

– Empty space, where the slider should be.

– Slider doesn’t show up on every browser.

– Slider doesn’t switch to other slides.

Firebug error: njQuery is not defined.

With right clicking on your website, choose View Page Source, and scroll to the end, then you might not see the </body></html> ending, which can cause, that our cache files won’t be called in. You should check, what are the last things in your website’s end, and that can give you a clue, which extension/plugin is causing it, or maybe it’s just missing the the template/theme. You can see, if our cache files aren’t called in, if you search for a js and a css file, that has a long name with random numbers and letters, for example 3cc6019eb1e2e39a73b0e4188303a92f.css and if you check in it, you can see words connected to us, like nextend or smart-slider.