Common CSS problems

Font doesn’t look correct in frontend

If your font looks different in the frontend, and in the backend, then it is because probably your theme/template is using a css code on every heading or paragraph element. If you check out this documentation, it could help you figure out, what is it. There is one common css code, the letter-spacing that usually makes this problem.

Animation doesn’t look correct in frontend

If your animation looks fine in the backend, but something doesn’t look like, as it should be in the frontend, then you have some other code in your website, that is affecting our slider. One common issue is, that some theme/template contains a transition css code on everything, like this:

* {
 transition: all 0.2s linear 0s;

Which is bad programming, so you should remove that. This code is making every css change to be animated, but if you animate an animation, the calculations for those animations will be incorrect.

Slider doesn’t look correct in the frontend

There are some plugins/extensions, themes and templates, which are offering a CSS minification option, but some of them doesn’t work, they are skipping important parts, so you could try to turn it off, if it solves the problem.