Our slider is hiding the top menu in the theme/template


– Floating menu doesn’t show up over the slider.

– Menu with absolute/fixed position doesn’t show up over the slider.

– Navigation menu’s dropdown submenus aren’t visible over the slider.

– One of above, and possibly doesn’t happen in every browser and device.

Our slider doesn’t have any code on it, which would make it to be over other elements, so if you are experiencing bugs, that your menu or the submenus are going behind the slider, it is because the positioning is wrong in the theme’s/template’s code. Mobile browsers and IE is sensitive to it, if not everything is specified correctly, an absolute positioned element has to have a relative positioned parent, and every absolute positioned element has to have a z-index, which is defining, how they will be stacked on your page. Our slider has moving elements, which has priority from the point of the browser’s view, that is why on a wrongly coded page it can appear over another element. If you need help with it, contact your theme’s/template’s developers, as they should fix it in their code too.