Generator doesn’t show new content

Possible error nr.1:

– Generator doesn’t show new content in the slider even with pushing the Refresh cache button.

If not even the Refresh cache button will make your slider to show the new content, then go to the GeneratorSettings, and turn off the create slides and static slides, because if they are turned on, they will only show the slides, that were created saving the layout. If they are turned off, the new content will go into the slider as often, as the given Cache expiration time is, which is defaultly 24 hours. After you turned off the create slides and static slides, you can click on the Delete slides button at your slider, because what you can see under your slider’s name, won’t be the slides, that you see in your slider, but the ones, that are coming from the generator.


Possible error nr.2:

– Generator show new content in the backend, but not in the frontend.

This error is happening, when your website has some cache, which means, that it is saving down your page with the slider, and showing the saved content, not the “current” one. In this case your website’s cache expiration is defining, how often you will see the new sliders.


If you are using the default Joomla cache, then this time will be in the SystemGlobal ConfigurationServer tab → under Cache SettingsCache Time: