Sliders not visible after update / layer animations doesn’t work correctly


– There was an older Smart Slider version in the website, and after the update, the sliders disappeared.

– Some layer animation doesn’t work correctly.

Firebug error: TypeError: this.slideList.eq(…).find(…).nextendunveil is not a function.

After updating the Smart Slider, you should go to the Smart Slider’s SettingsCache, and click on Refresh Cache. This way your sliders will use the new codes. Also if your version is older (2.1.x-), you should go to your slides, and click through your items, then save on the slide, because we have changed the items’ codes since then, and like this, those codes will be regenerated. At these versions you should also check, if the layer animations, and their positions are fine, because many things have changed since then, and you might need to readjust them.