Flickr token requesting doesn't work

The Flickr token requesting doesn’t work in older versions, because Flickr changed some things, and we had to change the token requesting too, so first you should update your Smart Slider, to know if it was your problem or not. Other possible problem below.

Possible error message:

"There was some problem figuring out your endpoint."

There are plugins, which are offering Flickr related features, like our slider. These plugins are usually using the same Flickr library to handle their APIs. If one has been already loaded, the other won’t be. This could cause problems, if the loaded Flickr library isn’t updated, and error messages, like the one you see in the possible error message could appear. (This error message is coming because of the Flickr Gallery plugin, which hasn’t been updated for over 2 years.) The solution is either to update your Flickr using plugins, or disable them.