Messed up backend - Common

Possible errors:

– Messed up backend.

– Slide editor doesn’t work.

– Live preview doesn’t show the slider.

If you have an error in the backend, that is usually happening, because of another plugin/extension, which has an error in it’s code, or it is a security plugin/extension, which is commenting out javascript codes. You could try to start by updating all of your plugins/extensions if it’s possible, maybe the problem is already fixed in them.


In Joomla there aren’t many extensions loading their codes in the backend of other extensions, probably you have one specially for the admin area. Go to the Extension Manager, and unpublish it to see if it solves the problem. If not, then you could check it out with Firebug or turn on the error reporting like this to see the php errors.


First you should try to change the CSS and Javascript load mode to see if it solves the problem. If it doesn’t, then in WordPress there are many plugins loading their codes in other plugins’ backend pages too, so you should try to deactivate them to see, which one is causing the problem. If you have a lot of plugins, you could deactivate more together, it might be faster to narrow it down, then to do it one-by-one. Maybe you could try to start with security, image, javascript or css related plugins.