Mobile detection code doesn’t work


– Mobile slider is shown on desktop.

– Slider doesn’t show up on desktop (not even white space, where it should be).

First you should update your Smart Slider to make sure, that you are using the latest mobile detection codes from us. (In Joomla just install it, go to the Smart Slider’s SettingsCache, and click on Refresh Slider, in WordPress delete the Smart Slider and Nextend plugins, and install the new ones, then Smart Slider’s SettingsCacheRefresh Slider.)

Then if this won’t help, the mobile detection code, which we use is often used by other extensions/plugins too. You can find out, which one is used, if you would open up this file:

WordPress wp-content\plugins\nextend\library\externals\mobiledetect.php

Joomla libraries\nextend\externals\mobiledetect.php

And write this code to the very end of this file:

$reflector =newReflectionClass("Mobile_Detect");    
echo $reflector->getFileName();

It will write out at your sliders, which file is creating the Mobile_Detect class, and that should be updated. The code used by us in this file will be fine for this other extension’s file too.