Import and Export


The exportation is very easy, just click on your slider and click on the Export button in the top menu.

You can export it as a .smart file with the Export button, and import that on other Smart Sliders, or you can Export as HTML, which will have all the javascript, css and html codes, which are used by the slider, and you can put it on websites without frameworks.


This feature can be very useful if you would like to migrate your slider from a test site to a live site or if you would like to use our predefined demo sliders. Here are the steps:

  • 1, Go to the Sliders menu, and click on the Import slider button on the top left side.
  • 2, Now click on the Browse button and find your slider from your computer. The extension of this files are .smart.
  • 3, Press the big Import button on the top right corner.
  • 4, If your importation was successfully, then you can find the slider in the list and you have to see the following messages:


Predefined sliders

Our older sliders are available from this post.

These and the new sliders can be imported through the starting page of Smart Slider, just roll down to the Import sample slider, and click on Import at the slider you would like to have.