Edit Slider - Slides


Resize slide backgrounds

The slider is making new images from the picked background, so they would have the optimized size. Here you can pick what image size you would like to be generated.

  • Disabled: it doesn’t generate a new image, but it will use the basic one. The image will have 100% width, and auto height, and it will be align to the top.
  • Cover mode: the image will be as big, as it has to be to cover the whole slide.
  • Contain mode: the image will have 100% width, and auto height. This image will be aligned in the center.

Note: the background color for the Contain mode only can have opacity, if the background image has png extension.
Note #2: the cover and contain mode is only working for desktop images with the Device specific images.

Randomize slides

With this parameter you can randomize the slides in your slider