Joomla - Randomize + Thumbnails or Bar widget

The current version of Smart Slider has a bug, that if the randomize option is turned on, the thumbnails and the texts in the bar widgets won’t be linking to the correct slides. This is because our cache system is saving down the slider, which is randomized once, and then it only shows the same randomized slider all the time, it wouldn’t randomize it again. So we had to fix it by adding a javascript, that is shuffling the slides, but the widgets are completely seperate from them, and we can’t shuffle them into the same positions, where they should be. You could either turn off the randomizing, or these widgets, or you could turn off the cache in the slider’s codes, but I wouldn’t suggest that, because that way everytime you would go to a page with a slider, a new cache file would be created, and that could take up a lot of space in your ftp after a while. If you still choose to do this, you can turn off the cache like this:

Open up this file:


Around line 89.:


Comment that line out:

//if (this.options.randomize) this.randomize();

And in this file:


Look for this code at line 12.:


Comment it out:


Then at line 15.:

newNextendSliderCache(newNextendSliderJoomla($module, $params, dirname(__FILE__)));

Comment the code out, and write two lines right under it:

//new NextendSliderCache(new NextendSliderJoomla($module, $params, dirname(__FILE__)));
$slider = new NextendSliderJoomla($module, $params, dirname(__FILE__));

After this don’t let your ftp to get full, clear your cache often in the ExtensionsPlugin ManagerNextend LibraryConfigureClear Cache