Can I make the website to scroll somewhere?

To make your website scroll, as you can see in the top links in most of our documentation too, you will need a Smooth scrolling javascript code. Check it on Google, there are many, and probably they will write down, how you should do it.

If it’s just a simple javascript code, you can put it for example right before the </head> part of your theme/template, maybe under the <body>.

These are using that feature of the browsers, that if you are using your link by putting a # sign in the end, and the id of a part of that page, then they will jump there. For example probably your current link is:
And the code of the title, where the id is:
<h4 id=”anchor”>Can I make the website to scroll somewhere (like this link)?</h4>
These are called anchors, and you need a javascript to make them scroll and not just to jump to their places.