Can I have different autoplay times between the slides?

We don’t have an option like this, but there is a trick, that might be good for you. You can do that, to go to the Edit Slider → and turn on the Play out animations option, and then set up the Autoplay – Interval too for the shortest time you want. On the slides you want to have more time, put down a layer, pick an animation in, and an animation out and give as much duration to the animation out, as much you want to stay here more after the autoplay interval. Since that layer is empty, you won’t see it, but the slider won’t let you go further, until it has ended, so the autoplay time on the slides will be the autoplay interval + animation out duration.

But this option would be only good on sliders without switching widgets, since those have to wait for the outgoing animations too. Also the Indicator widget would only indicate the autoplay’s time.