How should I migrate my website?

It is a common thing, to develop a website on localhost, and then move it to the live domain, but many times it is done with a plugin or extension, which is not always 100% perfect. What you should do, to make sure, that your website isn’t linked to your development site anymore is to have a program, which allows you to search for words in your files, like Notepad++ or Total Commander. You can see here, how you can search with these two programs. Search an replace every link, that was used for your website, like if you developed on your computer, then the localhost, or texts with your new website address. After this, make sure, that you haven’t linked any path to your computer, so look for your hard drives’ letters too, like C: for example. Probably these will be only in the cache files, but besides from developers, it might be not as obvious where to look for them, and if deleting them will cause an automatic recaching, or it could happen just in the backend, so even if it takes for long, just go with it.

After the files, you should export your database, and look for these localhost links and paths in that too. Then you will be able to migrate your website, upload the files through ftp and import your database to the new place. Don’t worry if something was missing, you don’t have to change them one-by-one in the new database, just drop all tables, make the changes in your sql file instead, and import it again. If it’s with the files, you can change only that file, and overwrite the one, you have uploaded.

In the new website, use the Translate url option in the Smart Slider’s Settings, where you should put your previous and new website’s address, because due to a more and more common server security setting, we can’t save down some of our variables with http in them, and we needed to encode them in a way, that the database is storing them encoded too.
This will only change the urls in the frontend.

To check if you have a link, that shouldn’t be there, first of all turn off your localhost server, look at the pages for visible mistakes, and if it looks okey, then you should either install Firebug in your Firefox browser, or use Chrome, press F12, click on Console, then refresh your page. If there is a wrong link, it will write out, that it can’t find a file in there, and you should look for that too.