Making a form

You can make for example a contact form, if you use HTML items, maybe paragraph or heading items, and a button item.

You should give an id to your input areas:

<input id="name" />

And to the textareas:

<textarea id="message">

Which can be used with the button item to get out the content from them. After you get the data, just send them to a php file, where you can do whatever you want with these texts. This should go on the Button item’s Event on Mouseclick option:

My code is:

var n = encodeURI(jQuery('#name').val());
var e = encodeURI(jQuery('#email').val());
var m = encodeURI(jQuery('#message').val());
window.location.href = "" + n + "&e=" + e + "&m=" + m;

The should be a link to your php file.

In the php file get the variables, and use them, for example send them through an email, then go back to your website:

	$name = urldecode($_GET['n']);
	$email = urldecode($_GET['e']);
	$message = urldecode($_GET['m']);
	$headers = "FROM: " . $name . " <" . $email . ">\r\n";
	mail("", "message subject " . $headers, $message);

Note: our slider does not control the size of the HTML items, so make sure, that your layer is big enough to have space for them on smaller screens too.